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Why ‘love you’ isn’t enough

Guess what, I had the profoundest realization while taking a bath: It’s important to complete the phrase “I love you” and not just to say “love you!” or “luv yah!”

Those three words present the deepest of all human mysteries. “I love you”, which so many use lightly, mirror heaven’s greatest mystery: the Triune God, the God who loves us in three ways – the Father who creates, the Son who saves, and the Holy Spirit who sanctifies. Those three words “I,” “love,” and “you” carry so much weight that the essence would be diluted if we just say “love you”, followed by a “LOL” or “xD”.

The “I” signifies one’s possession of self, a person’s lordship and mastery over one’s will which is necessary when giving oneself totally and unconditionally to another. And it’s this totality that brings us to the context of the next word, “love.” The “I” finds its completion in love and that love is always directed to another “self,” that is “you.” The word “I” is important because one cannot give something one doesn’t possess. This shows that self-knowledge and self-mastery are requirements for love.

“I love you” is an expression of human unity. When we say it and live it, we mirror God Himself, who is a family in Trinity where the Father and the Son eternally exchange “I love yous” which is the Holy Spirit. Next time we say “I love you”, let’s think about God, Love itself, who created us to be living “I love yous” to one another.

By John Bernard Ordoñez Caasi

Bernz is an educator, speaker, and mentor on faith, family, and finances. He is currently working full-time as the HR and Marketing Specialist and School Paper Adviser of PAREF Northfield School for Boys. On the side, he continues giving talks and workshops while helping individuals and families learn about investing and financial planning as a licensed financial consultant of PruLife UK.

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