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Three Reasons Why I Love Reading Books

As I am excited for the Manila International Book Fair, I would like to share three reasons why I love reading books. Do you have other personal reasons you could add? 🙂

While many people think reading is boring, I think it’s the best productive hobby one can do anywhere anytime. And here are three reasons why I love reading books.

It brought me to places and ages I’ve never been to.

When I was a young boy, I remember walking in the gardens of Versailles Palace in France. I stood at the bottom of Eiffel tower, seeing the Statue of Liberty, and walking through the Golden Gate Bridge, marveling at those feats in human architecture. I did all of those while I was just sitting in our living room, reading the Children’s Encyclopedia given by my mom. 

Of course, reading is not a replacement for actual traveling. In fact, packing our bags and going around the world should be in our bucket list. However, reading allows us to preview places and have an initial immersion in the cultures far beyond our current reach. 

Now that I am an adult, reading still serves as my window to the world of then and now. As I study Latin, I also learn about the life and culture of the ancient Romans. Homer’s Iliad showed me the bravado of the warring Greeks. Dante’s Inferno gave me a chilling vision of hell. And as I meditate on the Gospels, it’s as if I am being transported back in time and witnessing Christ’s birth, hidden life, passion, death, and resurrection. 

I met great minds who changed the world.

Dale Carnegie was an expert on sales and communication who died in 1955 long before I was born, and yet when I read his bestselling How to Win Friends and Influence People, it’s just as if I am attending his live talks and workshops. What I learned from his book became so useful in my personal and professional life that even the young boys I am mentoring in school benefit from his timeless wisdom on making meaningful relationships.

Have you talked to Abraham Lincoln? What about Mahatma Gandhi? I bet not. I haven’t met them either, but reading about their lives and their works allowed me to be mentored by them in some way. What I learned from them changed me as a person and allowed me to advance in my life and my studies. 

It taught me things my peers were just about to learn.

When I was in high school, I began reading books on psychology and leadership written by Stephen Covey and John Maxwell. During my freshman year at the university, I read the works of Jim Collins, Lee Iacocca, Howard Schultz, and others. They were not my required readings, but I was so interested to know about business and management that I hoarded their books from the library. 

Now, during our junior and senior years, I didn’t know that those books will be part of our class discussions! Since I’ve read those books long before they were required in our major classes, I was already familiar with their content and I just had to chill and review what I already know. More than that, I was able to help my classmates understand them better.

My invitation

So, if you haven’t picked up any book yet, head over to the nearest book store, and open some pages that could potentially change your life. You may also want to take advantage of the Manila International Book Fair in SMX Convention Center Manila Mall of Asia Complex starting today (September 11 to 15, 2019) from 10 am to 8 pm.

Do you have other reasons why you love books? Comment them below; I want to learn from you. 🙂

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By John Bernard Ordoñez Caasi

Bernz is a Catholic revert, educator, and speaker. As a former anti-Catholic Protestant, he helps ordinary Catholics understand their faith deeply so they can explain it clearly without being preachy.

He hosts his own podcast (Unboxing Catholicism) and YouTube vlog where he uncovers the truths and lies about Catholic teaching and spirituality. He also travels around the country giving talks on faith, leadership, and personal finance.

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