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Why pray to saints and angels if we could just talk to Jesus?

After class, a student asked me, “Sir, why do we need to pray to saints or angels if we could just pray directly to God. Isn’t it written in the Bible that Christ is our only mediator between God and man?”


Try the “Stations of the Rosary.” My students did, and they loved it.

As a Religion teacher, I had to think of creative ways to effectively engage my Grade 8 students in class to maximize their participation and learning experience. Apart from using my mnemonics or acronyms, videos, zen slides, exams with interactive love stories, and automated quizzes, I decided to try giving a different take on an […]

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Can I ask for a little favor?

Hi, my friend! Starting tonight until Sunday, I will be in my annual closed retreat at Makiling Conference Center in Laguna. It is my much-awaited opportunity to unplug and reconnect to God through prayer and meditation.  Now, here’s the favor that I’d like to ask from you: could you pray for me? I have special personal intentions for this […]