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Are you frustrated whenever someone challenges your Catholic faith and you can’t defend it?

We all know that feeling when a friend, family member or total stranger suddenly tells you that Catholics worship Mary and the saints and have added so many man-made traditions to the Bible. You tried explaining that we don’t worship those statues, but then you already hear or see a barrage of bible verses that seem to say that Catholics are pagan idolaters. Whether you choose to defend the faith or completely change the topic, the feelings of awkwardness and defeat dominate you if you don’t know how to explain our Catholic faith clearly.

Are you scared of straining your relationships when talking about religion?

You heard those horror stories of families being divided and friendships being strained over heated arguments on religion – and you simply don’t want to be in that situation. That fear is valid for many people experience unnecessary stress when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a faith-related debate in real life or online.

Unfortunately, this fear makes us avoid such discussions and we fail to be the witnesses of Christ who are called to “explain the truth in charity” (1 Peter 3:15).

You don’t have to be scared or stressed in sharing our Catholic faith with others. There’s a way to explain the faith clearly without being preachy.

In this free webinar on July 18, learn the following:

  • The proper mindset and attitude in dealing with non-Catholic Christians.
  • Practical tips and strategies on sharing and defending your Catholic faith.
  • Five Biblical and Logical Answers to Protestant Objections on the Catholic Faith.
  • How to disagree without being disagreeable
  • The best questions you should be asking a Protestant in a dialogue

How a former anti-Catholic became a Catholic

Hi, my name is Bernz. Being a former anti-Catholic Protestant, I now help ordinary Catholics like you and me understand the Catholic faith deeply so they can explain it clearly without being preachy.

I define “being preachy” as being pushy and confrontational.

I was born and baptized as a Catholic, but I didn’t really learn about the beauty of the faith until I left the Church to become a “born again bible-believing Christian.”

Being outside the Catholic Church for quite some time helped me understand the common misconceptions about the faith and helped me realized the treasures that I have left behind in exchange of what I thought to be “original Christianity.”

Meeting joyful, faithful, and kind witnesses of authentic Catholicism helped me rediscover the faith of my childhood and has inspired me to defend it without raising my voice.

Join me in this exciting adventure of being a witness of Christ and His Church (1 Peter 3:15).

Here's what people are saying:

"Bernz is passionate about Catholicism! His journey back to the Catholic Church puts him in the best position to help us defend the Faith. I learn a lot from him."
Kirby S. Llaban
Author, The Fired Up Life
Creator, The Fired Up Life Podcast
"Bernz O. Caasi is a young man who is passionate about his faith and his profession. He is a positive influencer, a great speaker, a good son, and inspiring teacher. Check out his blogs and his works. If you need a young motivational speaker for your team or school, Bernz is the man."
Sha Nacino
Author, Speaker, and Founder
of World Gratitude Summit
"A very good blog to follow for anyone who wants to learn more about their Catholic faith and grow further in their life in Christ. Bernz is passionate, engaging and well-read!"
Joby Sta Ana
Catholic Blogger, Seeking Truth
Owner, Dumb Ox Books

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