21 Bible Answers to Protestant Objections on Catholic Faith

At least once in our lives, we’ve been in this scenario:

A friendly guy approaches us while we’re walking at the park, “May I have a bit of your time? I just want to share the Word of God (or Jesus).”

Being the polite Catholic, you agreed and in the next few minutes, you will be asked whether you’re sure to go to heaven once you die. 

If you say, “I don’t know,” He will read to you a bible verse that seems to say you can be sure at that moment about your eternal destination. 

If you say, “I think I will go to heaven because I am a good person,” he will show you scriptural passages that say things along the lines of “your good works won’t save you.”

Then if you say, “I think I might go through purgatory first,” his eyes will light up and ask you, “Where is purgatory in the bible?”

You look at him with your heart pounding and struggle to find the next words you’d say. Your afternoon rest was no more. Now, you’re faced with a huge dilemma.

Lucky you if you remember your Catechism classes ages ago. If not, you might say, “Uhm, ehm, err. I just know that there’s purgatory. My grandma said so.”

As expected, the Bible-thumping Evangelical Christian who approached you will reveal bible verses that say there’ only heaven and hell – no purgatory mentioned. 

In many situations like that, a Catholic is left disturbed, perhaps thinking that all his life he’s been deceived by his priests who taught him about purgatory. Others would try to argue their way out of the Protestant’s objection with their own reason and emotion.

In any case, being confronted about the faith and not being able to respond convincingly can be frustrating

The 21 Bible Answers Guide will be your dependable companion.

The classic Protestant question is this: “Where is that Catholic teaching written in the Bible?”

While the Church professes the reality that not all facts of our faith are explicitly written on Scriptures, the teachings of Catholicism are still found on the very pages of the Bible.

This bold claim is true – there is nothing in Catholic teaching that contradicts the Word of God in the Scriptures.

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