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Episode 5: Three Reasons Why You Should Launch a Podcast, Too.

In this 5th episode, know WHO and WHAT inspired me to launch my own podcast and WHY you can make an impact by creating your own show as well.

In this episode, I also recommended global and Filipino podcasts that can add value to your daily life. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it, and may you be excited to launch your own podcast NOW.

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#RealTalk: How well do we know and study our Catholic Faith?

Let’s get real. Evangelization needs clear formation in our Catholic faith. Let’s understand our faith deeply so we can explain it clearly.

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Why Evangelization Should be a Catholic Thing

A young Protestant called a Catholic radio show to clarify church teaching. After giving the answer, the host asked, “Why aren’t you Catholic in the first place?”  The caller’s simple but unforgettable answer made me so speechless – “because I was never invited to be one.”  Many Catholics think that evangelization – sharing of the […]

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Why pray to saints and angels if we could just talk to Jesus?

After class, a student asked me, “Sir, why do we need to pray to saints or angels if we could just pray directly to God. Isn’t it written in the Bible that Christ is our only mediator between God and man?”

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Three Reasons Why I Love Reading Books

As I am excited for the Manila International Book Fair, I would like to share three reasons why I love reading books. Do you have other personal reasons you could add? 🙂

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Why I Thought Catholics are Cannibals (Part 1)

When I told an evangelical friend that I was thinking of becoming a Catholic again, he couldn’t believe what he heard and thought I’d be joining a cannibalistic cult. “Didn’t you know that they are cannibals since they profess to eat the body of Jesus and drink his blood? Yikes.” I didn’t know how to […]